OpenTherm devices feature many advantages for the end-user, the installer and the manufacturer whilst minimizing the impact on the environment:

To the end-user

  • increased comfort efficiency

  • lower costs through

  • wider selection of products

  • ability for remote control

  • increased product life span

  • extra functions

  • no batteries required

  • ready for future expansion

To the installer

  • installation as simple as that of on/off

  • 2 wire low voltage connection

  • no configuration or tuning

  • testing by closing the connection

  • status of the boiler on the display

  • simple product identification thanks to logo

  • wide selection of products

To the manufacturer

  • available protocol and interface specification

  • growing manufacturers base using OpenTherm

  • large market thanks to wide selection of products

  • freedom to build own custom functions

  • simple implementation

  • support from the Association

To the environment

  • less pollution

  • no batteries required

  • lower energy consumption