The presence of Opentherm Association at the ISH fair from 10 to 14 March has been very successful. The ISH provides the world’s biggest showcase for innovative bathroom design, energy efficient heating and air-conditioning technology and renewable energies. Several members of the association were able to present themselves in the OpenTherm stand and it was also an excellent opportunity to increase awareness of the OpenTherm Association.

Presentation Nest

A presentation of Nest, one of OpenTherm’s members, kicked off the traditional social gathering on Tuesday. Nest presented their vision in HVAC in Europe and announced their adoption of the protocol on their products in the near future. Nest is a manufacturer of smart thermostats
Martijn Kerssen, director of the OpenTherm Association said after the presentation: “It is clear that OpenTherm is ready for the future as proven by the adoption of the protocol by so many manufacturers of smart thermostats”.

There is an interest in OpenTherm from multiple continents. During the exhibition there were several interviews with companies including Asia and Northern America, who showed an interest in becoming a member.

Opentherm is growing

Recently Opentherm has welcomed several new members, like Ideal a boiler manufacturer in the United Kingdom and Mormit a smart thermostat manufacturer from Spain. It is a trend that more and more manufacturers want to use the protocol.