Leading smart innovation control development and establishing a close cooperation with our partners to be jointly leading in the market of HVAC, Building Automation and Lighting


To identify and develop sustainable energy-saving solutions with smart and efficient environmental impact


Involved in research, design, development and manufacture of electronic controls and provides solutions for system integration


  • Residential and industrial heating appliances
  • Thermoregulation comfort
  • District heating
  • Ventilation and heat recover units
  • Brushless motor appliances
  • Home energy management
  • Cooking control systems
  • LED and electronic lighting


  • Long and proved experience in development and manufacturing safety related electronic controls
  • Co-design in co-development of customized controls to get a well industrialized and integrated solution, typically for industrial scale volumes
  • Know-how and competence in home energy management
  • Modern and equipped laboratory for electrical and gas testing
  • Reliable project management to fulfill the TIME-To-MARKET requirements
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment to reach high quality standards and great efficiency