The OpenTherm Association manages the communication protocol in both an administrative and a technical sense. This means that the association makes the protocol available to manufacturers of gauging and controlling devices who wish to implement it in their products and are members of the association.

The objectives

As the association is a non-manufacturer-dependent platform, all gauge and controller manufacturers may use the protocol. Manufacturers of gauging and controlling devices or boilers may affiliate with the association in order to exert real influence on the development and spread of the protocol. The OpenTherm Association is a non-profit organisation, and its only objectives are to promote the use of the OpenTherm protocol and develop it further. Technical management of the protocol means developing the protocol on the basis of the market’s requirements and the experiences of members.

Managing the protocol

Before products (or the relevant components of them) in which the OpenTherm communication protocol has been applied can actually be brought onto the market, prototypes must undergo a conformity appraisal. The association only issues licences to products that have successfully undergone this test. This procedure is intended to guarantee that only ‘OpenTherm products’ which actually comply with the OpenTherm protocol’s technical specification come onto the market. Further information on procedures for testing, certification and issuing licences is to be found elsewhere on this website.