Membership of the OpenTherm association is open to all companies and organizations which are active in the manufacture, distribution or installation of heating systems and components.

Membership benefits

Members of the OpenTherm Association have access to the association’s information and may take part in the activities of the Technical Commission and the Marketing Commission, as well as the general meetings.

Association members may, after successful completion of a test by Gastec Certification B.V. and on the basis of a declaration of conformity, receive a licence

and thereby be allowed to market the product concerned under the OpenTherm name and logo.

These rights are reserved to members only. This means that membership is compulsory for all manufacturers wishing to use the OpenTherm name and logo. In the case of system manufacturers (e.g. central heating appliance manufacturers) buying components containing the OpenTherm protocol from another supplier (e.g. an electronics manufacturer), one of the two manufacturers may accept responsibility for the correct implementation of the protocol (usually the electronics manufacturer). In the case of the electronics manufacturer being a member of the association, the rights to the use of the OpenTherm name and logo are automatically transferred to its OEM customer as long as the certified functions remain unaltered.

Companies who fulfil the association’s entry requirements but do not implement the protocol themselves, e.g. manufacturers of central heating appliances (OEMs), may also apply for membership. In this way they can keep up to date with the association’s activities and also exert influence upon them.

Costs of membership

The costs of membership are currently €2750,- (ex VAT) per year. This includes the license fee. In order to receive a license the product must be tested by Kiwa Gastec. Kiwa operates independently, which means that the costs of a test will be in addition to the membership costs.

Applying for membership

If you are interested in becoming a member, click here for the application form. The completed form will be send to the secretariat

Procedure company profile

After receiving the confirmation of the OpenTherm Association membership, you can complete and manage your own company profile. At the Members Overview page we have already placed your company name and logo. Fill in the rest of your profile so visitors can take a look at your profile.

For managing your profile you must login at the website. Your username is your email address and you can create your own password. Visit the General Members Area, click on the option Edit your Company profile and make sure you complete your profile.