The association currently comprises about 75 members, mainly manufacturers of controls devices or heating devices. The members meet regularly and collectively determine the association’s policy, the intended developments regarding the OpenTherm protocol and the use of it, and activities based on publicity and promotion. Two committees are active within the association: the Technical Committee and the Marketing Committee.


Y. Lieffering
Association Director

J. de Pauw

A. Snijder (Quby), Board Member
N. Ewings (ESI Controls), Board Member
F. Overweg (Remeha), Board member
M. Kern (Theben), Board member
A. Müller (Siemens), Board Member
H. Kleiner (Theben), Chairman of the Technical Committee
C. Tuinman (Resideo), Treasurer

Technical Committee

There is also the option of participating in the association’s Technical Commission which discusses any potential implementation issues. The Technical Commission is also responsible for maintenance and the expansion of the Protocol Summary with new functions.

The Technical Committee manages the Protocol Summary and its expansions to additional functions. The Technical Committee also monitors test procedures to guarantee the correct operation of OpenTherm products. The Technical Committee provides technical advice and support to members in implementing the OpenTherm protocol.

The primary objective of the technical committee is to maintain and extend the OpenTherm Protocol Specification. Maintenance and extension is based on new legislation, market trends and new requirements from members. Basically 4 documents are maintained by the Technical Committee:

  • The OpenTherm Protocol Specification
  • The OpenTherm Application Functional Specification
  • The OpenTherm Test Specification
  • The Appendix Function Matrix

The technical committee organizes at least ones a year a TC meeting.

Marketing Committee

The Board of the OpenTherm Association identified the need to further promote both the protocol and the Association itself. OpenTherm also needs to keep updated about the general market trends and evolve according to these trends. Hence, the marketing committee was created.

The primary objective is to boost the visibility of OpenTherm within the HVAC sector, hence attract potential new members and position the protocol as one of the main standards. A further aim is to even better integrate OpenTherm in a complex and moving market.

Role of the Marketing Committee:

  • Drive the continuous market analysis
  • Suggest actions according to the market trends
  • Boost the protocol and the association’s visibility within core target groups through focused action plans
  • Develop required marketing tools and keep them up-to-date (eg. OpenTherm group on social networks)
  • Favour the continuous dialogue between members

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