Testing the implementation yourself

A manufacturer will often want to carry out tests himself, preferably during the development phase, in order to ascertain that he is heading in the right direction. He may possess a test specification which outlines the demands the product has to fulfil in order to comply with the Protocol Summary. Additionally, a test tool, developed by a member of the association, is available which can be used to test the correct implementation.

A new version of the OpenTherm Test Tool is available. This tool is used by almost all members to test their products and used by Kiwa Gastec Certification for certification testing. The most important changes and improvements in this new Test Tool are:

  • Improved and similar user interface for master and slave mode
  • Improved response of slave according to settings
  • Display of master request in slave mode
  • Option to give no response on request in slave mode
  • Log files are improved for easy import in excel
  • Occasionally incorrect detection of midbit error repaired
  • Existing OpenTherm Test Tools can be upgraded by new firmware and downloading the latest verion Windows program – For more information contact info@airios.eu

For more information and prices please contact the website: https://www.airios.eu/

Testing by an independent testing body

To receive a licence for an OpenTherm product, a prototype of the product has to be tested for conformity. These tests are carried out by an independent testing body.

The OpenTherm Association has appointed Gastec Certification as a specialised and independent body to carry out conformity assessments for each new product type. These tests are made according to a specification drawn up by Gastec Certification in consultation with the association. The same test specification is made available to association members (see “Testing the implementation yourself“).

In consultation with Gastec Certification, the information to supply must be determined, such as for instance the diagrams, technical descriptions and any results derived from tests carried out by the manufacturer himself.

On the basis of the technical study , Gastec will issue a test certificate and report to the client. The tests carried out by Gastec Certification are restricted to the compulsory elements of the OpenTherm protocol. The client is free to make further agreements with Gastec regarding the testing of other functions as well as carrying out other studies, e.g. within the scope of electrical safety or EMC. The costs of testing are to be settled by the client.

Manufacturer’s self-certification

On the basis of a positive test report from Gastec Certification, the manufacturer himself then draws up a certificate in which he declares that the tested product complies with the demands of the Protocol Summary, and guarantees that the series of products which are manufactured on the basis of the tested prototype will be manufactured to the same technical standard as the prototype. The manufacturer sends this declaration to the secretariat of the OpenTherm Association with a request to issue a licence for the products in which the certified version of the OpenTherm implementation is to be applied.

Obtaining a licence

Once all the preceding steps have been completed successfully, the association issues the requested licence to the manufacturer. This bestows upon him the right to market the stated product under the name and logo of OpenTherm.

These agreements and procedures must guarantee that products marketed as OpenTherm are actually able to operate with other OpenTherm products.