ORT-01 Room Thermostat

Product details
Manufacturer: Danfoss Randall Ltd
Brand: Danfoss
Product identification: ORT01
Product description:

Modulating Room Thermostat

Company name: Danfoss Limited
Interface 1 (Master)
Functions and Features
ch: max setpoint adjustment
ch: roomtemp control
ID0:HB0: Master status: CH enable
ID0:HB3: Master status: OTC active
ID0:LB1: Slave Status: CH mode
ID0:LB3: Slave Status: Flame status
ID1: Control Setpoint i.e. CH water temperature Setpoint (°C)
ID124: The implemented version of the OpenTherm Protocol Specification in the master
ID126: Master product version number and type
ID127: Slave product version number and type
ID14: Maximum relative modulation level setting (%)
ID15: Maximum boiler capacity (kW) / Minimum boiler modulation level(%)
ID17: Relative Modulation Level (%)
ID2:LB: Master MemberID Code
ID24: Room temperature (°C)
ID25: Boiler flow water temperature (°C)
ID3:HB1: Slave configuration: Control type
ID3:HB4: Slave configuration: Master low-off&pump control
ID3:LB: Slave MemberID Code
ID49: Max CH water Setpoint upper & lower bounds for adjustment (°C)
ID57: Max CH water Setpoint (°C) (Remote parameters 2)
ID6:HB1: Remote boiler parameter transfer-enable: max. CH setpoint
ID6:LB1: Remote boiler parameter read/write: max. CH setpoint