Adapter EasyControl

Product details
Manufacturer: Bosch Thermotechniek B.V
Brand: BOSCH
Product identification: 7736701346 EU, 7736701560 UK
Product description:

The Bosch “Adapter EasyControl” module converts EMS/iRT/OT/On-Off data to EMS data while supplying (boosting) plenty current to the output. The module automatically detects whether to use EMS, iRT, OT or On-Off towards the appliance. The module is powered with a power adapter.


Company name: Bosch Thermotechniek B.V.
Interface 1 (Master)
Functions and Features
ID0:HB0: Master status: CH enable
ID0:HB1: Master status: DHW enable
ID0:LB0: Slave Status: Fault indication
ID0:LB1: Slave Status: CH mode
ID0:LB2: Slave Status: DHW mode
ID0:LB3: Slave Status: Flame status
ID0:LB6: Slave Status: Diagnostic/service indication
ID1: Control Setpoint i.e. CH water temperature Setpoint (°C)
ID115: OEM-specific diagnostic/service code
ID116: Number of succesful starts burner
ID119: Number of starts burner during DHW mode
ID120: Number of hours that burner is in operation (i.e. flame on)
ID123: Number of hours that burner is in operation during DHW mode
ID15: Maximum boiler capacity (kW) / Minimum boiler modulation level(%)
ID17: Relative Modulation Level (%)
ID18: Water pressure in CH circuit (bar)
ID19: Water flow rate in DHW circuit. (litres/minute)
ID25: Boiler flow water temperature (°C)
ID26: DHW temperature (°C)
ID27: Outside temperature (°C)
ID28: Return water temperature (°C)
ID3:HB0: Slave configuration: DHW present
ID3:HB1: Slave configuration: Control type
ID3:HB3: Slave configuration: DHW configuration
ID3:LB: Slave MemberID Code
ID35: Boiler fan speed Setpoint and actual value
ID36: Electrical current through burner flame [µA]
ID48: DHW Setpoint upper & lower bounds for adjustment (°C)
ID49: Max CH water Setpoint upper & lower bounds for adjustment (°C)
ID5:HB0: Service request
ID5:HB2: Low water pressure
ID5:HB3: Gas/flame fault
ID5:HB5: Water over-temperature
ID56: DHW Setpoint (°C) (Remote parameter 1)
ID57: Max CH water Setpoint (°C) (Remote parameters 2)